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Loft Dental Zoom Whitening FAQ:

Q: What is Zoom Whitening?
A: Zoom Whitening is one of the most popular and established teeth whitening systems. The company was recently acquired by Philips and is a very reliable and safe way to whiten your teeth.

Q: Will teeth whitening damage my teeth?
A: No. Teeth whitening is a very controlled, safe way to bleach your teeth and will not permanently damage your teeth.

Q: How long is the treatment?
A: Total, less than about 60 minutes. Each session is 15 minutes long, and typically 3 sessions are needed to achieve the optimum goal.

Q: Is Zoom Whitening painful?
A: No, but patients can experience some sensitivity and discomfort. However, if the enamel layers have previously been damaged, it could cause tooth pain. If this condition occurs, we recommend patients to take medication such as ibuprofen to reduce inflammation and pain. Sensitivity usually stabilizes in a day.

Q: Does this really work?
A: Yes. Although how much we can lighten varies, we generally lighten the shade by 7 shade levels and the difference is obvious.

Q: Is there anything I need to do after the Zoom Whitening?
A: Immediately after whitening, the surface of your teeth is porous and easily absorbs colors. It is recommended not to have coffee, tomato sauce, soy sauce, saffron, curry, wine, or any other foods and beverages that easily stain teeth for a few days.

Q: Is the treatment permanent?
A : No. Once you whiten your teeth, the surface of the teeth will start to receive new layers of stains. Over a long period, the teeth will start to get darker again, but usually it does not go back to its former shade for a very, very long time. Many patients choose to do "touch up" work time to time. We offer "touch up" sessions at a special rate. 

Q: How often should I do a "touch up" session?
A: It all depends on the patients and teeth. Some patients will do touch up once a year and some do it every 6 months. You can also do home bleaching time to time as a "touch up".

Q: What is the difference between Zoom Whitening and the home bleaching?
A: For home bleaching, you will place bleaching gel in a tray that fits your teeth and wear them for few hours to overnight, whereas Zoom Bleaching takes only 1 hour to get the same effect. Generally, home bleaching has more control than Zoom Whitening as far as how much you want to lighten, because you control the frequency and the duration of treatment. Ideally, you would start with Zoom Whitening and follow up with home bleaching to reach your desired shade more easily.

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