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The Loft Dental Studio is a SPA-like Dental facility in Costa Mesa, CA which offers specialized dental treatments. Equipped with latest technology, expert dentists at Loft Dentals perform advanced dental procedures like Dental Implants, Oral Surgery and Laser Dentistry. We also provide emergency services to patients seeking immediate relief from dental problems or trauma.

We take our patient’s comfort as priority and offer dental services in a relaxed and comfortable environment. We serve Brazilian coffee along with other amenities to provide you peerless comfort and attention. What’s more? We provide: free, off-street parking, and a private consultation room.

Our equipment is precise and of the highest caliber.


         Microscope    Laser    CT Scan
 Digital X-Ray
        We use Carl Zeiss microscope for all our dental procedures. The powerful lens allows for increased accuracy and multiple magnifications during diagnosis or treatment. Simply put, using this microscope ensures highest accuracy and precision during your treatment.   When it comes to dental treatments that involve drilling, we use laser to provide you gentle and pain-free experience. Laser minimizes pain by virtue of removing the vibrations that come with drilling, minimizing the need for anesthesia by 85%.
  Our mobile CT scan trailer laboratory allows us to conduct CT scans at your convenience! You can call us to get your CT Scans at your home, workplace or any outdoor location.

Our Digital X-Ray gives us the highest quality digital images for accurate assessment and also eliminates the waiting time associated with traditional X-Rays. Digital X-Ray is a safer method in comparison to traditional X-Rays as it reduces the amount of radiation by up to 90%.
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